Thursday, 3 February 2011

From the heart

I wasn't always a minx, took me a long time to get here. Four years ago I was a very different person, shy with a serious lack of confidence. My sex life was a joke and so was my husband. When we split I bought my first vibrator, that's when things started to change and for the better!
I spent month after month working on my confidence, slowly becoming the woman I wanted to be. I learned to love myself, be independant and most of all the confidence was shining through and all that without the aid of a man!
I got myself a few more toys, went on some dates, had a fuck buddy or 2, even kissed a girl!  Was just having some of the fun I had missed out on in the past 10 years. It had been a while since I had been interested in anyone and during a girly night out I met my current boyfriend, that was 18 months ago and I havn't looked back!
Gee (as he will be known on here) and I just clicked, we spent most of the night we met dancing and snogging like teenagers, it just felt so right. We exchanged numbers and email addresses and it took off from there.
We quickly realised that we were right for each other in so many ways. Sexually it was amazing, we found that we could say and do anything and the other wouldn't judge, the way it should be! As our love grew so did our sex life, trying new things was exciting and still is. Perfect for each other in so many ways.
As our sex life grew so did my collection of toys. I quickly realised that sex toys were so much more fun when you share with your partner, not just something to get you off although they come in handy for that too!
We have learned so much from each other in the time we have been together, who would have known learning would be so much fun! Long may it continue!
It's getting late and I think I've spilt enough from the heart for now so I'm going to sign off  but will be back soon with some new ramblings.
Stay safe sexpots! xxx

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