Sunday, 29 May 2011

I'm not single, I'm not taken..........

When I started this blog I thought there would be more mayhem than mishaps but my biggest mishap happened a few weeks after I started it, hence why I havn't been on it since. My beloved Gee and I split up. Was just one of these things that happen. Left me heartbroken and still finding it hard to move on but I know I will get there eventually. Taking some time out to find myself again. My moto just now is 'I'm not single, I'm not taken, I'm simply on reserve for the person who deserves me.'
Trying hard to be myself again, had a few nights out on the town, even pulled! Thought I was ready to start moving on but I'm not there yet. The guy in question is a really nice guy and have got to know him over the last month but I'm just not ready for anything else just now. He has told me how much he likes me and I felt really bad telling him it just wasn't going to happen. I can't be with anyone while I still have feelings for Gee, it's just not fair on the other person. I thought it would do me good to get back out there but proved to myself that I wasn't. Feel like I've taken a step back but I know I will get there eventually.
Doing what I do best, fake it to make it! Put a smile on and go out and enjoy myself with the girlies. Been out dressed up as a Bunny Girl, that costume was hot! Won a bottle of Champers in a Miss Wet T-shirt comp! Had a gorgeous guy about 10 years younger than me chat me up on another night out. I don't know what I said to him but he was totally into me, my mates words, not mine. Was nice to know I still have what it takes and when I'm ready I'm sure I will take full advantage of it! In the mean time I am just going to concentrate on me.
I've been rambling again so will leave it there and hopefully my next post will be something more interesting!
Take care sexpots, untill the next time! x x

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