Friday, 8 July 2011

Pain or Pleasure

As I lay on the bed face down and blindfolded, you tied my hands above my head, spread my legs wide, open to your mercy. Lying spreadeagled on the bed, I was a little scared, not knowing where you were in the room or what you were going to do to me. It had gone all quiet, where were you? A few minutes passed. I called your name out..........nothing, I called again. I heard a spark and then your voice. "You will need to be punished for that, speaking without being spoken to, you won't do that again".
He smacked me hard on the arse. I let out a scream, well it hurt, again it happened. The spark I heard was him lighting a candle. It was hot wax he was dripping down my spine, I flinched with the heat, he didn't stop until it covered my spine and the tears rolled down my cheeks. He slowly peeled of the hardened wax, he took some ice and ran it over where the wax had been, I moaned in pleasure. The cold felt so good against the burning skin. SMACK. "Owww", I had a big red hand print on my ass, "that's what you get for moaning with pleasure." He did it again, but this time he used a whip. He didn't stop until my ass was red and sore. Mmmmm, the ice again, he was numbing the pain with the ice, it felt so good but I didn't dare moan in pleasure, learned my lesson the last time. He continued to tease me with the ice, covering every inch of my body. When he reached my pussy I stuggled so much I thought I was going to break free from the restraints but they were tied tight and there was no way I was breaking free.
It went quiet again and then i felt your strong hands turn my head round and you forced your hard cock into my mouth. I had no option but to let you fuck my mouth as long as you wanted.
I felt the cold baby oil splashing on my ass. Your strong hands massaged the pain, it felt so nice, your hands slipped between my legs, your fingers teasing both my holes. I try to squirm but I couldn't move. You take a vibrator and tease my horny wet hole while you slide a finger into my oily ass. You take out the toy and replace it with your rock hard cock, at first you fuck me slow but hard, out slow and ram in hard, getting harder and faster, your fingers in my ass, banging me hard. As your about to cum you remove my blindfold, before I know whats happening I feel the warm cum all over my face, as I try to lick what I can off, you take your still hard cock and slip it in my ass for a few minutes before going soft. You untie my hands from above my head so I can wipe the cum from my face, as I'm doing that you untie my legs. 
I'm shaking all over, unsure if I have imagined it or not, but I still have cum on my cheek, you take me into your arms wipe the rest from my cheek. I fall asleep in your arms with my head on your chest, unsure if I liked the pain or pleasure better!
Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile!!!

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