Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I won this book from Seytoys on Twitter and Cara asked me to review it. Thanks Cara. It isn't available on the site but it should be!

Mistress Extreme is written by Alex Jordaine and is one of the Xcite books. As the title suggests this is a Femdom/BDSM book. Being a switch this book really appealed to me but I'm sure Dommes and subs alike would enjoy this book.

The storyline
David Alexander meets Isabella Stern through a mutual friend at a dinner party. David thinks that Isabella has put some sort of spell on him but later realises that she has just helped him realise the truth about himself. Mistress Isabella sets David several challenges to prove himself worthy of finally being her house slave, when he finally proves himself he gets into trouble with a female sub called Jacqui. What will become of David and Jacqui? Will it be the end for David and his beloved Mistress? I'm not going to tell you! You will have to find out for yourself!

I found this book extremely well written, very clever in fact! When I first started reading I thought the first couple of chapters were a little slow, almost like the book was giving a little then slowing down and taking it away from you but I soon realised that it was the Authors way of connecting you to David. The Author gives you a real sense of exactly just how David is feeling. The longing David feels in between the far and few phone calls he receives from his Mistress, the torment he feels because he knows he isn't allowed to contact her. The harshness of Mistress Isabella and the cruel things she subjects David to. You really feel like you are going through it all with them! I felt very voyeuristic, fly on the wall most definitely! A few chapters in and I was finding it hard to put down! A very raunchy read indeed!

I wound recommend this book to anyone that is into Femdom or BDSM but it might be a bit much if you prefer a more Vanilla story.
I give it a star rating of 5/5

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