Friday, 2 March 2012

Fetish Friday. My first caning

I am just going to go for it here, post from where it comes best, from the heart. It may not be the best written post or have the best gramour but

It was my second night at a fantastic Fetish club and I had pre arranged with a gorgeous Domme to receive my first caning. I have had spankings, floggings, paddles, belts, crops in the past, but never a cane. Everyone thought I was crazy and I had been told that Mistress Ella was rather 'good' with a cane.

In waked Mistress Ella  and I was in awe, she looked stunning but Mistress Ella always does. I spoke with her and she had a few things to do first before I was given my caning. Unfortunately Mistress Ella had to leave early and my caning I was so looking forward to was going to have to wait. I was a little disappointed but was determined not to let it spoil my night, always lots of fun things to get up to at the club.

I mingled and chatted with the new friends that I had made, I felt so at home. I had taken some rope with me, new rope that had never been used, a friend helped me to christen it and it felt wonderful to be bound. A new love of mine!

After chatting, a few people suggested that I chat to a Dom called Mr Samuelle and explain to him about my planned caning and that I was disappointed that I hadn't had it. I had chatted with Mr Samuelle a few times before so I felt comfortable in asking him.

He was delighted to help me out! He got together his kit and we looked for a quieter room in the club. The medical room was reasonably quiet, another Dom playing with 4 subs, he had them all tied together and they seemed to be having fun. I was told to bend over and present myself. What a firm but sexy voice Mr Samuelle has. "Have you been warmed up yet this evening?" "No" was my answer. He started by gently caressing my buttocks and then giving them gentle but firm smacks, gradually warming the flesh of my arse up. He bent over and whispered in my ear, asking if I was ready. "Yes" Was all I could get out. The moment I had waited for and here it was! I heard a gentle swish through the air and the gentle sting of the cain on the fleshiest part of my arse. "How was that for you? Do you like it? Do you want more?" All I could say was yes, yes and yes! Again and again he struck my arse with the cain, sometimes my right cheek, sometimes my left and sometimes both together. In between strikes he caressed my arse with such a gentle touch, then surprised me with the cane again. I hadn't counted how many strikes I had taken but I knew it was a lot, I was in ecstasy! My pussy was soaking! I knew I had welted, I mark so easy. It felt so good. I was on the verge of an orgasm, had I had even a gentle touch to my pussy or clit I would have been writhing in sheer ecstasy. He asked "Are you on the edge?" Oh my god was I ever! On the edge of orgasm, on the edge of not being sure if I could take much more! "Ok, 6 rapid to finish, are you ready?" Hell yes I was ready! 1,2,3,4,5,6 I counted. He then caressed my welted and already bruised arse.

He told me when I was ready I could get back up. He helped me until I was steady on my feet and asked how I was feeling. Only one word came to mind. Heavenly! I thanked him for such a wonderful experience and his reply was it was a pleasure, you have such a pretty arse to cane and it marks so nicely.

I was on cloud 9, never could I have imagined that something that is perceived as brutal could give so much pleasure.

I somehow got tied to the other 4 girls in the room, 5 sexy ladies all tied together and the two Doms stood back and admired their work!

I had great pleasure in showing off my pretty stripes the rest of the night. Had myself some more fun. Two Dommes had a naughty boy in the school room and I was invited to join them in punishing the naughty boy, was great fun!

Almost time to go home, the club over for another month. I spoke to Mr Samuelle again and he was so attentive in making sure I was ok before I went home.

The next day the pretty colours that were coming up on my arse, I was so proud of them. I was proud that I took a damn good caning but most of all I felt so happy that I was well on the most important journey, the one where I was finding who I was!

I got a message the next morning from Mr Samuelle asking if I was ok and how my bottom was. He wanted to make sure I was ok. I was still buzzing from my caning! It was one of the best experiences of my life and I know it won't be the last!

I'm on the best ride of my life and I don't want to get off!


  1. I was lucky enough to win 2nd prise for my Fetish Friday post. Very proud of myslf!

    1. 2A810AF5 my bbm , what do they call these tipe of Fetish caning ?? I want to start a business where people can get caned , specially men , sort of stress relieve,

  2. that's a great post and epic picture!

  3. Thank you. That one was from the heart. The picture ~blushes~ you should have seen the colours a few days later!

  4. Ms Minx - I am from south Africa and want to start a business where people can get caned, simmilar to wht you received. Does it have a specific name ?? When I advertice wil the people who want it know what it is ?? My bbm 2A810AF5

    1. @Beep as far as I know ther is no specific name for it. There are different types of canes. I would advise that if you are going to start caning then learn from someone who know what they are doing. It isn't something I advise a beginner doing.
      Sorry I don't have bbm.