Thursday, 26 April 2012


After not being too well I thought I would try and get back into things but having to take it slowly unfortunately. With seeing some pretty awesome HNT photos I thought it would be a good way to ease myself back in. With not quite feeling up to taking a new photo I thought I would go to the 'bank' and see what I had. I was torn between quite a full on half-nekkid and just a flash but this week I have decided to go for just a flash and maybe work up to more.

The subject! Myself in what I love! Stockings! One of my favourite things and I love this pose! I had been taking some photos of my new stockings, was having a break, flopped down on the sofa, lay how I usually do and took a photo. Turned out to be my favourite of that lot of photos! I hope you like too!



  1. This is a fucking hot picture - you rock the stockings! Wish I had legs like yours, mine are all big n wobbly! Very sexy, thanks for posting :) xxx

  2. Thank you ~blushes~ My stocking fetish is right out there now!

  3. Thanks xGGx Glad you liked it. x

  4. A sexy position, luscious-looking legs, and beautiful stockings. You wear them so well!